Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Old World Red Wines May be Healthier

Tannins in European, Age-Worthy Reds May Add to Heart-Healthy Effects WebMD 11/29/06 "The study's researchers say their results suggest the Old World winemaking techniques that ensure a higher amount of tannins produce wines that are healthier for the heart and may contribute to the longer longevity seen in regions known for producing such wines..."The traditional production methods used in Sardinia and southwestern France ensure that the beneficial compounds, procyanidins [tannins], are efficiently extracted," says researcher Roger Corder of Queen Mary's William Harvey Research Institute of the University of London...The study found that wines made from the Tannat grape in southwest France were highest in these beneficial tannins"

The researches recommend Cabernet Sauvignon and other Madiran wines like Tannat, Cabernet Frank and Fer Servadou.

You could also eat a tid bit of dark chocolate and get far more procyanidins.

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