Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How to live to 85

I'm always a sucker for these types of articles:

"How a Man Can Survive to 85 -- or More: Midlife Choices Put Men on Road to Healthy Old Age or Death " - WebMD, 11,14,06 -

"At middle age, there's a fork in the road for a man's health. One way leads to a two-in-three chance reaching age 85. The other cuts those odds to about one in five."

The better way is:

"No smoking
No more than two alcoholic drinks a day
Normal blood sugar
Normal blood pressure
Not overweight
Physical strength"

Also if you're a man, get married. Single men often die sooner. If you're a woman, getting hitched does nothing for your chances at longevity. Another key point is being interested in daily learning. If the noodle rots, so apparently does the rest of the body.

Nothing all that new here in the way of lessons. What's new are the statistics from the research.

There's more at WebMD - on this large study (5820 men)

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Anonymous said...

no data on nature vs nurture in this study?