Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tastebuds key to health

How we taste involves complex interaction of nose, brain and more MSNBC - 11/20/06 "And if you think the brussels sprouts are bitter, well, blame how many taste buds you were born with, not the intensely people sense different flavors seems to affect how healthy they are...Supertasters may be more at risk of developing colon cancer as a result, says a recent University of Connecticut study...One in four people is what scientists call a supertaster, born with extra taste buds...They find some vegetables horribly bitter, and hate the texture. They get more burn from chili peppers, and perceive more sweetness than other people. Nor do they care for fat. They tend to be skinny because they’re such picky eaters...nontasters make up another quarter of the population. They like veggies, but unfortunately prefer heart-clogging fat, too, along with sweets and alcohol"

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