Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Treating Allergies With Allergic Food

Treating Allergies With Allergic Food WebMD 11/28/06 "Early findings suggest that this gradual challenge approach increases tolerance to problem foods, senior researcher A. Wesley Burks, MD...Burks is a professor of pediatrics at Duke University Medical Center...In the peanut study (currently unpublished), children were initially given the equivalent of 1/3,000 of a peanut. Most were eating a peanut a day within six months with little reaction...Most children outgrow their food allergies, but there is currently no way to tell which ones will and which ones won't"

When it's life or death with a thousandth of a peanut, or an egg, this is a big story. Let's hope the research proves true.

On a related note I remember exposure therapy was used for those that are lactose intolerant - I believe showing that with time even these folks could break down lactose.

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