Thursday, January 18, 2007

blood sodium at birth might affect the rest of your life

Like Salty Food? Chances Are You Had Low Blood Sodium When You Were Born ScienceDaily 1/19/07 " new study concludes that low birthweight babies born with low sodium (salt) in their blood serum will likely consume large quantities of dietary sodium later in life. In the study, researchers also found that newborns with the most severe cases of low sodium blood serum consumed ~1700 mg more sodium per day and weighed some 30 percent more than their peers. These data, taken together with other recent findings, make it clear that very low serum sodium in pre-term and new born infants is a consistent and significant contributing factor for long-term sodium intake, a key marker for obesity" (conducted by Adi Shirazki, Edith Gershon, and Micah Leshem, all of the University of Haifa)

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