Friday, January 5, 2007

Fish oil and dementia

Can Fish Intake Predict Chances Of Developing Dementia? ScienceDaily 1/3/07 "People who ate the most fish on a weekly basis -- putting them in the top quarter of a study population -- were nearly 50 percent less likely to develop the mental deterioration known as dementia over time than participants in any of the other three quarters...participants who reported consuming an average of about three servings of oily fish a week--equivalent to blood levels of DHA at 180 milligrams daily--were associated with a significantly reduced risk of developing dementia of all types, including Alzheimer's disease. No other fatty acid blood level was independently linked to the risk of dementia."

Lead researcher: Ernst J. Schaefer - Agricultural Research Service-funded scientist

Quite astounding that so little DHA has such a seemingly strong effect on dementia. Also the study is impressive in that they control form apo-e related dementia.

Coming from a family that was hit by Alzheimer's and knowing what I know now I would have been pushing ibuprofen, DHA and curcumin on my mother from the start. As it is... too late.

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