Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Education no protection against later memory loss

Education Does Not Protect Against Age-related Memory Loss ScienceDaily 1/10/07 "Adults over 70 with higher levels of education forgot words at a greater rate than those with less education...More education is consistently related to better cognitive performance in older adults and in this study, too, individuals with higher levels of education had a higher ability at any given age. However, it was those with the highest education whose performance dropped the most..."Even though we find in this research that those with higher education do better on mental status tests that look for dementia-like symptoms, education does not protect against more normal, age-related declines, like those seen on memory tests," said lead author Dawn Alley of the University of Pennsylvania..."

So how can we slow cognitive decline ?

Research shows these have promise:

Green Tea (don't use milk)

Coffee (3 cups a day)

Dark Chocolate with lots of cocoa (no milk again)

Curcumin and more on Curcumin

Eat lots of green leafy veggies

Take a daily fish oil supplement with lots of DHA and more here

Exercise and more here

A cousin of exercise - keep your weight down

Another cousin of exercise - keep symptoms of metabolic syndrome low (blood pressure, HDL (keep this high), triglycerides, blood sugar)

I suspect research will prove resveratrol will be useful in preventing some cognitive decline, but there isn't much out there yet on this subject.

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