Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Growth Hormones Not Fountain of Youth

Treatment Offers Few Benefits but Definite Risks WebMD 1/16/07 "Stanford University researchers came to this conclusion after analyzing 31 studies that included a total of more than 500 relatively healthy elderly people. The only clearly positive effect found from taking the hormones was a slight improvement in lean body mass...participants who took human growth hormones were significantly more likely to develop joint swelling and pain, and carpal tunnel syndromecarpal tunnel syndrome. There was also a suggestion of an increased risk of diabetesdiabetes and prediabetes, but that association did not reach statistical significance..."The cost of this treatment can be $12,000 a year or more, but even if you take the cost out of the equation, there is still a huge potential for causing harm," Perls says. "The people promoting this stuff have absolutely no idea what the long-term health effects are.""

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