Thursday, January 18, 2007

Consumer Reports retracts infant car seat report

Consumer Reports magazine withdraws negative report on infant car seats IHT 1/18/07 "Consumer Reports was forced to retract a damning report on infant car seats after the U.S. government said test crashes on the seats were conducted at drastically higher speeds than the magazine had claimed...The magazine reported Jan. 4 that most of the seats it tested "failed disastrously" in crashes at speeds as low as 35 mph (56 kph). In one test, it said, a dummy child was hurled 30 feet (9 meters). But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which performed its own tests after seeing the report, discovered that some of the crash tests were conducted under conditions that would represent being struck at more than 70 mph (112.6 kph)..."When NHTSA tested the same child seats in conditions representing the 38.5 mph conditions claimed by Consumer Reports, the seats stayed in their bases as they should, instead of failing dramatically,""

Many people will now write off this test completely. But what of the two seats that did ok? At 70mph? "Consumer Reports found that of the 12 seats tested, 2 did ok - the Baby Trend Flex-Loc came in first and then the Graco SnugRide with EPS came in second." Maybe the testing is of no value at all. I hope we'll find out.

Original story here.

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