Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tomato broccoli combo fights prostate cancer

Worried About Prostate Cancer? Tomato-broccoli Combo Shown To Be Effective ScienceDaily 1/16/07 ""When tomatoes and broccoli are eaten together, we see an additive effect. We think it's because different bioactive compounds in each food work on different anti-cancer pathways," said University of Illinois food science and human nutrition professor John Erdman...The only treatment that approached the tomato/broccoli diet's level of effectiveness was castration...To get these effects, men should consume daily 1.4 cups of raw broccoli and 2.5 cups of fresh tomato, or 1 cup of tomato sauce, or ½ cup of tomato paste..."It's better to eat tomatoes than to take a lycopene supplement," he said. "And cooked tomatoes may be better than raw tomatoes. Chopping and heating make the cancer-fighting constituents of tomatoes and broccoli more bioavailable."" - study using rats -

More information at NutraIngredients where they mention what most articles miss, that the combo of broccoli and tomato they used caused a 52% reduction in tumor weight in 22 weeks. Remarkable. I also like the tip of putting broccoli on pizza. Just ask for extra sauce. (and don't eat this every night!) Also remember this when preparing broccoli.

I think any time researchers throw in the C word - "castration" - as a competing therapy, all of a sudden almost anything becomes palatable - 1.4cups of broccoli and 1 cup of tomato sauce a day is easy.

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