Wednesday, January 17, 2007

calcium lowers pre cancerous polyp formation

Calcium lowers colon polyp formation up to 5 yrs Reuters/Yahoo!News 1/16/07 "Treatment with calcium supplements for 4 years appears to provide protection against recurrent colorectal adenomas -- the type of polyp that leads to cancer -- for up to 5 years after the supplements are stopped, new research shows...studies have suggested calcium may reduce the risk of colorectal adenomas (and colorectal cancer) by forming a complex with bile acids and preventing potential carcinogens from contact with the inner mucosal lining of the colon. He added that there is also evidence that calcium may have a specific effect on blocking formation of colon cells..." (study co-author Dr. John A. Baron, from Dartmouth Medical School )

The amount of calcium used daily was 1,200mg. From this a 17% reduction in polyp recurrance was observed.

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