Wednesday, January 31, 2007

transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS not so effective for depression

FDA Advisory Panel Sees Marginal Effect of TMS in Depression Treatment WebMD 1/31/07 "Several panelists expressed dismay that patients showed no improvement on some depression scales and only minor improvement on the ones that did show a difference. "Perhaps a reasonable person could question whether there has been an effect at all," says Thomas G. Brott, a neurologist from Mayo Medical School in Jacksonville, Fla., and the advisory panel's chairman...Ann Costello, PhD, an FDA medical official, questioned whether the mixed evidence of effectiveness in Neuronetics' studies contained "any clinical relevant information."..."It's not a statistically significant difference, and it's not a meaningful difference," says Zuckerman, a clinical psychologist and epidemiologist. "Yes, it is safer than ECT, but it doesn't appear to actually work." "

What a shame. A few years ago this technology was covered in the press as having such promise. It looks like what good evidence there is shows that TMS is not a useful therapy for those with depression.

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