Thursday, January 4, 2007

Pterostilbene might help prevent cancer, heart disease and high cholesterol

Berry Compound Thwarts Enzyme Linked To Cancer ScienceDaily 1/3/07 "She (Agnes Rimando) also led studies that found that the compound is a powerful antioxidant that shows cancer-fighting properties similar to those of resveratrol. Indeed, pterostilbene is a derivative of resveratrol, a compound found in large quantities in the skins of red grapes that's known for its cardiovascular and cancer-fighting benefits...Pterostilbene showed strong inhibitory activity--much more than resveratrol--against a particular form of cytochrome P450... She added that the results may explain the cancer-preventive property the compound demonstrated in a mouse mammary gland culture assay...However, Rimando cautioned that more studies are needed to explain this process, as well as the activity of other trans-resveratrol compounds"

You can find pterostilbene in blueberries, grapes and cranberries. I thought a short while ago (bottom of entry) that pterostilbene might start getting some favorable press.

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