Friday, January 12, 2007

Glyceollins from soybeans might fight breast cancer

Glyceollins from soybeans may stop breast cancer cell growth 1/10/07 "Writing in the journal Clinical Cancer Research lead author Virgilo Salvo from Tulane University in New Orleans reports that glyceollin compounds from the soybeans were successful in suppressing the growth of breast and ovarian cancer cell lines...population studies have shown that a diet rich in soy is associated with fewer cases of breast cancer, linked to the presence of soy isoflavones. China has the world's lowest incidence and mortality from breast cancer ...The concentration of glyceollins in commercial soybeans is very low since the compounds are only produced by soy as a defence mechanism from disease or infection, which is said to be uncommon in today's clean, disease-free soy fields...The researchers report that the glyceollins suppressed the tumour growth of MCF-7 cells by 53.4 per cent and the BG-1 cells by 73.1 per cent. “This study is the first demonstration of ability of the glyceollin mix to significantly suppress oestrogen-stimulated tumour growth of MCF-7 and BG-1 cells in ovariectomised female nude mice,” said the researchers. “These findings identify glyceollins as antiestrogenic agents that may be useful in the prevention… of breast and ovarian carcinoma,”"

Early days yet for glyceollins, but hopefully human studies will be soon and will produce positive results. Primate studies at Wake Forest, mentioned in the article, seem to offer hope.

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