Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tall men at risk for prostate enlargement

Tall men seem to have a heightened risk of developing an enlarged prostate Reuters/Yahoo!News 1/30/07 "Advancing age and high fasting blood sugar levels also raise the odds of BPH, whereas a greater systolic blood pressure -- the first number in the blood pressure reading - may indicate a lower risk...BPH leads to bothersome lower urinary symptoms and is associated with complications such as urinary retention, bloody urine, stones, and urinary tract infections. Surgery may be required to relieve BPH...There was no relationship between BPH and weight or body mass index (BMI) or with a change in weight or BMI over time..."

It's not clear exactly what is going on. The hypothesis seems only to be that taller men have a greater chance of having larger prostates - but no good explanation why.

Flax lignans seem to hold potential as something that helps battle BPH

Saw Palmetto in the last big American study didn't seem to do so well. Although there seems to be plenty of people who find that saw palmetto helps. Could be variations in the active ingredients.

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