Monday, January 29, 2007

Could Some Sun Be Good for Your Skin? Vitamin D

Sunlight in Small Doses May Protect Skin From Damage WebMD 1/29/07 "Sunlight triggers the synthesis of vitamin D within the body. Stanford researchers found that this action causes immune cells to travel to the outer layers of the skin where they are available to protect and help repair damage such as that caused by sun exposure...There is a growing body of research suggesting that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk for a host of human cancers, as well as other disorders including type 1 diabetes diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, and multiple sclerosis...Vitamin D researcher Michael F. Holick, MD, PhD, believes the optimal daily dosage for preventing disease is closer to 1,000 IU. Holick heads the Vitamin D Research Lab at Boston University and is the author of the book The UV Advantage...Holick tells WebMD that he takes a 1,000-IU vitamin D supplement each day...Holick says most people can get more than enough vitamin D in the spring, summer, and fall by engaging in what he calls "sensible sun exposure" -- no more than five to 10 minutes of direct sun to unprotected legs and arms two or three times a week."

If you are going to supplement you want the D3 (cholecalciferol) form of Vitamin D - D2 is almost totally useless. Supplementing seems to make sense during winter months when it might be tough to get the 1000 IU a day. During warmer months short amounts of sun to bare skin appears to be very important for health.

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